Discover exactly what the worlds top performing Recruitment and Search Business Owners are doing this month to drive revenue and profit growth in their Business... And how you can do the same

Even if you have a smaller firm, despite competition and without needing to invest thousands in resources

Dear Recruitment/Search Business Owner (or soon-to-be Recruitment/Search Business Owner)

If you want rare and unprecedented access to some of the worlds leading Recruitment/Search Businesses and a sneak peak behind the curtain of what's driving revenue and profits in todays economy then this letter will show you how…

Here's the deal: 

I've created a monthly newsletter called: ‘Recruitment Profit Letters’... It’s an offline (paper & ink) newsletter featuring a mixture of marketing, sales, delivery & other business teachings...

It will show you exactly what’s working in the Recruitment/Search businesses that either I own, have shares in or have as clients. And most importantly how you can apply these proven strategies to your own business. Each issue is packed with actionable techniques, ideas, and strategies. And many are designed to…


Add revenue and profits to your Recruitment or Search Business the very same day you use them! 

Thats my goal for you.

I want you to be able to rip open each issue, read it in one sitting, and then immediately use the information (that same DAY) to make your monthly subscription price back in spades. 

More:You also get a few valuable “perks” when subscribing too…

The first of which is ‘Recruitment Sales Bootcamp’ It's been put together exclusively for Recruitment and Search Firm owners and reveals the simple yet astonishingly powerful client closing recipe used by my best clients and some of the world's top performing Recruitment and Search Firms, to convert more of your sales meetings into paying clients...

Even if you hate selling…Some of the things you’ll discover inside this training include: 

  • What to do and say BEFORE every sales meeting (Make sure your clients arrive at every meeting you have ready to move onto the next stage in your sales process)

  • How to get more retainers (We’ll show you exactly how some of the worlds best closers are using the “Automatic Sales” method to improve their retainer pitch)

  • How to secure more job orders on exclusive terms (Stop competing with multiple agencies to fill the same roles)

  • We dissect the personality traits of the top billers worldwide (You’ll know not only what to look for in your next hire but also what traits to adapt yourself)

  • Find out what your potential clients are really thinking during every sales meeting (preempt and address their  objection before they even verbalise them) 

  • The real meaning of selling your Recruitment or Search services (We look at the importance of working on retainer or exclusive)

  • We reveal the hidden and rarely revealed psychological triggers that can influence clients to want to pay you a higher fee (Stop competing on price and start operating at the top end of your market)

  • Discover why your prospects will never ever buy from you and what to do about it (dealing with the objections you get from your clients is the fastest way to turn a “No’ into a “Yes”)

  • Why your childhood beliefs about selling could be having a negative impact on your sales success and what to do about it (If you have ever felt that selling is dishonest or unethical, you’ll want to hear this)

  • The 19 words to use at the beginning of every sales meeting to increase your conversions by up to 25% (This small change in what you say will have a dramatic impact on your future business revenue)

  • How to "take away" your business so that the client wants to buy more than you want to sell (takeaway selling is one of the most powerful but underused strategies there is)

  • The four questions you must ask to get more exclusive and retained assignments almost overnight (Not asking these questions is costing your business thousands in potential revenue and profits)

  • The proven formula for overcoming almost any objection your potential client throws at you (Doing this will remove any reason they give you NOT to buy your services)

  • How to structure each and every sales meeting so every meeting you have with a potential client runs smoothly (Get back in control of your sales process)

  • What to do and say BEFORE every sales meeting (Make sure your clients arrive at every meeting you have ready to move onto the next stage in your sales process)

  • What your potential clients really want to hear during every sales meeting

Anyway, here's the deal:

As of today, 'The Recruitment Profit Letters' is £17.00 ($20 USD Approx.) per month. Each and every month for as long as you're a member. And, you can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, and without hassle.

But Act now, on 1st March 2023 the price to join will be increasing for good.


Disclaimer: This is not an MLM or multi-networking scheme and is for the Owners and Directors of established Recruiting Businesses Only.

We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these products and services and their potential for producing income for business owners who apply them properly. Examples of income earned and other results are not necessarily average or typical nor intended as representations of your potential earnings. As with any business or training, each individual’s results may vary widely. Each individual’s results depend on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation and particular applications. Significant financial risk is possible with any business venture or opportunity if you don’t do your own due diligence and get suitable professional advice. No guarantees of specific results are expressly made or implied.

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